Nvs Casting Film Services was founded by New Vision Srl in 2021. The company is specializes in the direction of film casting, TV series, advertising and theater.


We like to discover new talents and we are excited to work on creative projects both with promising young directors and with established directors.
For international casting we speak fluent English, German, French.



casting director


Mara Molinari is our Casting Director, who starts her career in Rome working as casting assistant two important Casting Directors of cinema, fictions, advertising and theater performances.

Mara is an innovative casting director, creative, passionate supporter of new and emerging talents. She will search far and wide to find the right actors.

As a Casting Director assistant to Mirta Guarnaschelli he obtained an important recognition in the 2nd edition of the Cinecittà Holding award as best Casting Director assistant for the movie “Black and White”, directed by Cristina Comencini.

Outside of casting work, theatres and cinemas, you can find her having an aperitivo in Rome, Milan, Reggio Emilia or reading a good book in a bar in Basilicata